Based on the organization's integrity and to delimit the office essentials, is that Bedani Lawyers elected four principles: Identity, Good Faith, Interdependence and Excellence to direct and encourage the values that seeks to preserve in their organizational practice.

The enclosed guidelines apply to all office collaborated Bedani Lawyers, members of the legal and administrative body.

1-Principle of Identity: coordinate our office to the corporate identity, based on high ethical standards, resilience and respect for sustainability, establishing partnerships that reflect our transparency in related professionals, including those related between client and lawyer;

2-Principle of Good Faith: with transparency and integrity defend the rights and interests of our customers and we take responsibility for our actions and choices;

3-Principle of Interdependence: we are a firm that respects and interacts with many different opinions and arguments, so we are open to dialogue and the sharing of actions and goals that lead to the common good;

4-Principle of Excellence: our office cultivate environments that contribute to the achievement of a high quality work, we value the participatory work, sharing knowledge and information, and excel for excellence in providing our services in support of better customer service.

Moreover employees must comply with the following assumptions:

  • Knowledge and observation of practice law with transparency, truth, loyalty and responsibility;
  • Confidentiality: professional secrecy and internal information of the office itself;
  • Customer relations: transparency and clarity of the information provided to the customer in relation to judicial and extrajudicial measures, as appropriate, its risks, benefits and consequences and monitoring of the process, questions for clarification and to provide all the information requested by the customer;
  • Relationship with Law Enforcement: with respect and independence striving for education;
  • Responsibility: lawyers are individually responsible for their actions and guidance offered to customers.

The use of innovations that make life easier for everyone and that allows us to build a better and better office with progress, sustainable growth and contemporary without losing the traditional, but above all with ethical commitment and love of the profession.

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"Tradition, innovation and commitment: Tripod of legal excellence."

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