Bedani Lawyers is innovation in terms of law, founded with the aim of integrating the various legal practitioners, adds tradition and commitment which solidify personalized service to its customers and agility in solving the most different situations involving judicial, administrative , advice and preventive legal framework and tax-tax shield and labor planning.

The mechanisms used to enable communication at any time between client and lawyer, also in search of better service to its customers, Bedani Lawyers has the most modern technological innovation consultation and follow-up processes from a platform system in the clouds in the client can access the system from any location, region or country and can still perform queries in a safe and individually the movements of its processes, monitor the development of the measures in preventive procedures and analysis results.


Bedani Lawyers leads various areas related to consulting, legal advice and drafting of opinions, has extensive operations in the litigation field, with deep knowledge and professionalism, gives the customer peace and solution.


It is an office "full service" with high level of expertise in various areas of law, which allows us to offer solutions and comprehensive income for any situation in legal terms.


As the Justice Brazilian is modernizing and advocacy must accompany this development, is the office requirement that each lawyer or legal adviser has digital certificate for electronic application in order to contribute to all processes become digital, enabling your query and monitoring by electronic means, as contributing to the decline in customer spending in the payment of legal costs and the displacement own lawyer.


Believing the law committed to ethics and responsibility, the office's mission is to serve the customer in all areas of law, with creativity, safety and efficiency.


Bedani Lawyers is a leading edge office, seeking the comfort and satisfaction of its customers based on ethics and commitment to work, recognized for the quality of its services.



Believing that the law currently does not have conditions to remain simply rooted in huge physical structures, the office has a different structure that stands out from the others in the same industry, because it employs a conscious and innovative way many technological mechanisms to better serve their customers.


"Tradition, innovation and commitment: Tripod of legal excellence."


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