There are several factors that contribute to this degradation, such as pollution so that today's globalized world seeks at all times new ways to reduce or minimize the causes harmful to the environment.

In the legal field every day thousands of people use the traditional role, especially in the forums, courts, clerks of justice and many other professionals, forget that this enormous amount of paper, it will be the nature perform this decomposition, it is estimated that this decomposition is at least 3 months and that for the production of 1.000 kg of paper cutting trees of at least 20 is required.

This scenario however, is slowly changing with the advent of electronic processes and procedures, the paper economy is undoubtedly huge, however, there are still many documents, procedures and processes that are necessary to use the paper.

Thinking about it, Bedani Lawyers uses quality paper without harming the environment, called reforestation role in certain situations where the use of the paper itself is essential.

Paper consumption in the legal industry is so great that most offices still retains huge files with procedures and processes on paper (even when electronic) accumulating "batteries" and "batteries" even when there is no need.

Bedani Lawyers unlike traditional paper file, only keeps the "essential" in this condition, ie cases where documents and protocols still need for consideration, be palpable.

The rest is completely electronic through a database of extreme safety data, internal office to which access is restricted through encryption and passwords reading mode, professionals determined and active in a particular case.

In addition to these measures, Bedani Lawyers has a large "virtual library" with case law database, and consecrated doctrines, such as articles, journals and books (e-books) facilitating consultation by topic area to their professional and legal partners.

Nevertheless, the office has supported several projects that seek to preserve natural resources in order to contribute to an ecologically balanced environment.


The human being has increasingly been concerned about the degradation of the environment and the risks that the rampant use of natural resources can lead to the existence of life on the planet.

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